Saturday, April 13, 2013

areola borealis

I've been staying up to see if I could see the Northern Lights. I guess I'm SOA cause they are appearing too far north. Whoops I mean that to say SOL. I am not Sons of Anarchy. GOD DAMN I even created a Twitter account just to track sightings in NY.
But I was reading up on this and apparently the northern lights have been visible almost every year since I was born in MN, and there are in fact pictures taken in Marine on St Croix to prove it. SO WHERE THE HELL WAS I AND HOW COME NO ONE EVER SAID? Maybe I should go back this fall, they are supposedly in October or something but I think one year it in July. It's on my bucket list you know. 

That is fucking Minnesota. What the fuck. I must have really had my head up my ass for 20 years. 
Well I still probably do, since tonight instead of actually going up on my amazing rooftop and looking at the sky, I was laying down with my laptop on my tummy refreshing Twitter. lolololololololololkillmenow.
I only know whats going on outside by looking at the internet.
Oh by the way. Did you hear about that giant meteor that hit Russia like a couple of months ago? I didn't until now. What the hell. 

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